2s TV launches in millet, millet water purifiers with “one more thing” appears. In addition to the family-the minimalist white appearance, estimated millet millet Water Purifier system in intelligent products, possesses the largest collection of micro innovation products, from the appearance of the piping to the filter, have been redesigned. And the final product was priced at 1299, and 400 gallons of RO reverse osmosis membrane process flow of water purifiers.

Kraft paper box packing box front only one logo on the side and is a simple product information. Test machine was met with regret that violent Express, packaging has been scarred.

Seal the disposable watermark-type tape, a certain role in anti-counterfeiting prevention out of the box.

Carton handle inside, sealed with clear plastic, and can protect the machine in safety in transit, this did very carefully.

Including hosts, 4 filter columns within the box, attachment box and manual. FENDI iPhone case

Accessories box Pack of 6 different specifications of the leading transfer interface and twisted tap wrench.

Filter on the adapter (aerator).

Filter columns there is writing on the host’s name and symbols, there are purchase links below QR code, the back is with product and production information.

Top is used to tighten the handle of the filter column on the side of cushion antiskid silicone.

3 opening at the bottom, the water inlet and outlet of the filtered column, respectively, as well as fixing holes.

1, 2, 4th consider columns (PP filter and reset before and after activated carbon filters), have adopted the same appearance and interface, note to installation location.

The largest of the RO filter (pictured right), except almost 1 time times greater in diameter, but it also has 3 water inlet and outlet at the bottom.

Three dimensional 260*205*40mm of the fuselage, the millet is smaller than the right Air Purifier small full circle, but the weight is close (weight of the filter fully 11.3kg).

Water purifiers top dust cover without any fixed buckle, pull the filter slots can be seen. Slot instructions for use printed on the right side, lower right corner is a filter/filter light and switch.

No place on the front panel of the considerations and WiFi connection instructions were printed on the dust cover.

Slot size to two specifications filter slot (top) of the structure is much more complex.

According to the serial number on the insert and twist the filter column.

Is the logo at the bottom of the fuselage and detachable feet, also deliberately set aside as the handle grooves on both sides.

Bulge on the back labeled parameters nameplate. May be for the convenience of placing, pipes and power cables using the openings to the above.

Most wide is the water pipe to the left (two tubes together), is to filter waste pipe on the right.

Without seeming to waste water, description tags and fixed with a suction cup.

Millet cleaner integration between water inlet and water outlet pipeline. On the other side inlet/outlet pipe, was the machine’s touch mixer. You can select output on top of tap water or filtered water, and can also see the status led is on after powerup.

Touch faucet with quick connectors, push forward leading can be locked automatically after, La faster under joint can pull the touch mixer.

Leader can see two outlets at the bottom, left with strainer/aerator is tap water outlet, a small filtered water outlet on the right side.


Millet in the ecosystem, Jack, camera, Purifier, family packages, such as using a WiFi connection network of intelligent household appliances, are used millet’s “smart home” app management. Smart appliances near the open app will automatically scan and prompts to connect. Enter WiFi password, click on any button to complete calibration of the fuselage to connect mobile phone.

And app function is quite simple, displaying the current state of water, filter, water/purified water usage statistics, as well as abnormal operation and water remind of the exception, is the main function.

Although water quality in real time viewing and use statistical functions, was on the authors of such data of the party, but for the average user, the most practical is to buy online. 4 service life of the filter is not consistent, and the shortest is only 3-6 months, so change within one year of normal use 1-2 filter, this will be a relatively high frequency of operation.


Water Purifier of experience, speed of classified installations, water, waste-water ratio, heat, power consumption, easy maintenance and later cost aspects.


Working process of water filter and Air Purifier is similar: the water pump/fan forced flow/air filter. Water purifiers can be completely independent of the mobile phone, connected to the faucet, put away the waste water output pipe, power can work. Working waterways, is from the tap touch faucet, to filter columns in the machine, and finally out of touch faucet flow.

Millet, water filter and conventional treatment the maximum difference is water pipe was put together, and the abolition of internal storage tank. Waterways without changes or additional drilling, is also one of its major selling points, after all, the “young people’s first Water Purifier” is very likely to be placed in a rental house.

Qian a improved, except let touch control leading can body and two vocational (water and water control) zhiwai, also let machine left of outside stretch pipeline only left “power, and into/outlet, and wastewater tube” 3 article, installation process wants to complex are difficult has: with comes with of turned joint replaced home in the taps of sparkling device (is that approximate filter network of ring), put machine of touch control leading received Shang turned joint (will automatically locked), put waste pipes stretch to right of location on get has.

If there is any trouble, it should be the only 1.2m pipes (concentrated waste water pipe and the inlet pipe), and the 11.3kg of the fuselage. While taking over, but how the release is careful consideration.

Water intake

Improved cancel water tanks mentioned above, main purpose is to prevent the secondary pollution of purified water, but touch faucet isn’t in your control switch of the machine, causing it to use the logical not of the same. Normal use of logic is the tap is open for a long time, water switch to pure touch faucet, order open water switch to tap water.

But this touch faucet is not closed, it is only responsible for changing the route of water – let the tap water directly into the or after water filter, the water flow from the water. In actual use, whether it is to tap water or pure water, it must first open the faucet, water switch again will have water at this time.

But the good news is, the machine power, and enabled by default is the tap switch, usually open water purifiers can directly use the faucet. “Do not open a faucet open water switch” (the machine idling) and other special circumstances, it will automatically switch back to tap water output state.

Overall, the machine is easy to install, and does not affect the original faucet function, but touch faucet itself did not stop function, use a little inconvenience.

Effluent quality

Water filter is the core of the piping, pump and strainer/filter, and are most suitable for civilian use, the highest precision is the RO reverse osmosis technology. It works, using a loose metaphor is to use pressure to push the water filter membrane, past success is filtered water, particles larger than filter impurities will escape from wastewater from the mouth of the machine.

Millet water device of filter layout points 4 level: first level is pp cotton filter, used to filter sediment, and rust, big of impurities; second level and fourth level are is imports coconut shell activated carbon filter, second level main is used to adsorption odor, and color and more than chlorine, fourth level main used to improved taste; core of third level is United States pottery’s and GE of RO anti-penetration film, is responsible for solution bacteria, and virus, and antibiotics, and heavy metal, and organic/inorganic, impurities.

Which is the subject of purification (desalination rate) is 95%, can remove bacteria, 99.7% 99.9% Organics, heavy metals, 100%, 99.9% antibiotics. These parameters are exceeded the industry average, but as electronic equipment review sites, we are not equipped to verify that these parameters, so more words and eggs …

TDS detection

We can detect is the TDS of the water. TDS is the full name of total soluble solids, that is how many mg of soluble solids dissolved in water, the unit is a ppm or mg/l. In fact, it should not be used to test how good water quality, but to how bad water quality. Because TDS does not include soluble salts, organic substances and through the filter of insoluble particles. However, if you don’t even passing TDS so simple indicators, the water quality is not too good.

Previously tested, within the third ring road of Beijing Hotel water TDS readings around 170, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Office toilet water readings for about 70ppm (public water quality is also affected by the building of the building water supply pipes), Yi Bao 1ppm bottled water.

Water TDS readings

Filtered water TDS readings

EFECT TDS readings

Measured water TDS on the day of 68ppm, filtered TDS 5ppm, numeric value was close to drinking bottled water, and concentrated waste water TDS has soared to 151ppm (still lower than the value of tap water in Beijing … … )

Last taste of metaphysics, and here is for reference only: filtered water is almost odor-free (or at least have been disposable Cup of paraffin-coated lid over), similar taste and bottled water and “very soft”, there is no jerky flavor of tap water. Tastes slightly sweet (may be an illusion? ), But vaguely kind of bottled water will not be “water”, but the actual drink, taste the most is one cup of paraffin wax … …

Water production rate and water production rate

Speed of water purifiers water purifying and water productivity (purified drinking water and wastewater), and local water quality is directly related to poorer water quality, water production slower, lower the rate of water production. So if you use filtered tap water from different regions, there may be significant differences.

Official nominal water 50%, 1L/min filtration rate (400 gallons per hour), and measured water production rate has caught up with water, up to speed is not a problem. Water production rate, and concentrated waste water inlet and water, also withdrew, and found the machine’s water production rate in excess of 60% (possibly because the quality of tap water does is OK).

Filtered water is in fact “high concentration” on tap, beginning when white, static will be clarified, but there is a slight white. Although the water undrinkable, flush the toilet or watering the flowers can be.

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Power and heat and noise

Smart water filter outlet, standby power consumption of 3.72W

Power remained at around 73W

When the machine power on standby for about 3.7W, is around 73.2W, smaller than the subject-95W, power close to the normal desktop computers.

Water Purifier will work with a large amount of water flow, the water disguised as a heat transfer agent, so even long-term work, the fuselage will not have significant fever. Standby heat is mild, concentrated on the right side (control circuit).

Airframe noise from the built-in pump, volume is around 50-60 DB (this number also under the influence of local water quality), and general air purifier/air conditioner medium air volume at close. Work will have a low frequency and amplitude of vibration of the machine, if you have to have fish, can refer to an aquarium air pump vibration modes and amplitudes.

Later maintenance and cost

General maintenance of the filter is leaking and the biggest problem change filter. Water leak, millet’s programme is an integrated waterways of the pipe into a separate independent parts. Although damaged replacement costs rose, but it can reduce the chances of leaking on the principle. Guanxuan 23 of the internal parts of the machine have a self-test function, easy access to troubleshoot when problems arise.

So rather than leaking, change filter will appear a little more trouble, service life of the machine 4 filter columns are not consistent, first level PP sponge is 3-6 months, second grade and fourth grade activated carbon is 6-12 months, most expensive most of the third-stage RO reverse osmosis membrane was 18-24 months. The fuselage, they all have an independent life led State, app can be accurate to 1% life expectancy statistics.

Judgment of the machine is based on the TDS readings on water quality, traffic and frequency of use, such precision can be very high. TDS does not entirely representative of water quality, the authors tested washing machine waste water TDS (last trip over the water, and to add fabric softener), which is full of softener and white water TDS only about 100ppm. In actual use, the machine reads and not necessarily reliable, and still had to use the whole tasting to be judged, or increase the frequency of changing filter.

Last filter costs, 4-stage filter respectively, at, 59 PP cotton filter (3-6 months), activated carbon filter element 69 (6-12 months), RO reverse osmosis filter 499 Yuan (18-24 months). Replacement cycle is the longest (least expensive method), PP sponge over a two-year price of 59*4=236 Yuan, activated carbon for 69*2*2=276 Yuan (there are two), every year is the minimum fee for the use of the machine (236+276+499)/2=505.5.


Estimated millet millet Purifier appliance series, micro innovations than any other product. From internal to subtle aspects of appearance, were able to perceive the design team really has the intention to do a product, and this is also true of independent innovation rather than “reference”.

The actual experience of the machine, although the “no touch faucet water features” lose some points on, but the machine installation and filter replacement, water velocity, and routine maintenance are also well done. Filtering capabilities, millet also moved a lot of authoritative institutions results, gives good cleaning ability.

Final maintenance and cost, is also done as always fierce. Millet successfully extends to price a butcher names in the field of water purification machines. If you really need to buy water purification machines, the products at the same price, is indeed a well-established products. FENDI iPhone 6 case


From wearable devices to air purifiers, water purifiers, smart is getting closer to everyday life, first to hold in the hand and worn on the body, then inhale air and drink water. Admittedly, after manufacturers into traditional areas of the Internet, presented a number of innovative products and marketing programs, but they also went into the need of supervision of health and medical fields.

Mobile computer poor quality, maximum efficiency and mood, but if inhaled and drinking into the stomach does not pass, that is the question of health. So my attitude is, purifiers water purifiers, such as equipment, can serve as an additional tool, the original poor air and water quality, which can help us to improve, but not as a means of final processing. Regardless of brand, the Water Purifier out of the water, it is recommended that cooked a little more, and don’t wait to Sun life for filter to replace.